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I actually really like the natural patina that the concrete takes on as it weathers, it gives the building a more natural look despite its geometry. I drew the diagram for Macmillan Bloedell on the poster that is (or was?) sold by this site, btw.

It's also nice when you get lichens growing on brutalist buildings. I don't know if that's good for the concrete or not but it gives it a more natural feeling. It's man made, but it's of this earth. You can't say that for an unnatural building like *insert glass object here*. I live in a region surrounded by rocks covered in lichens, so a concrete building that's also got lichen growing on its facade or the features around it makes it feel like it's part of the land. Most of our concrete bridges (before they were replaced) were also covered with lichen to the point that they looked green and yellow from a distance.
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