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Originally Posted by SignalHillHiker View Post
I think it's a great idea! Let's try to all start taking Flash-quality photos, !

I'll volunteer one that represents an area I'm struggling with. Just so you know: I'm not defensive or possessive about my photography at all. Please be polite, , but don't hesitate to tear it apart.

So... I think I've got a handle on proportion, where to crop photos, how to compose them, etc. Sometimes, out of necessity (not wanting to include something ugly, wanting to include something attractive), I have to line things up a little strangely... but that's fine. I'd rather the left side of the photo look cut off a little too soon than to have half a building's blank wall in it.

Where I'm struggling most is photographing at distances during the day and, especially, during the fog. I find the photos are often far too grainy.

I've figured out that the main key seems to be leaving the shutter open as long as I possibly can and I have to process lightly, and ensure I reduce noise if I'm adding any HDR effects. Beyond that, I've no ideas what to do.

Also, I often end up with a sky that's far too white. But I just can't figure out what to do short of taking separate photos for the land and sky and blending them as a panorama, such as this one:

Any advice, tips - GREATLY appreciated.
Its better to underexpose the ground level then to blow out the sky. You can always add some fill light to better expose the ground but once the sky is blown out there is not much you can do.
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