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Replicating some of Belgrade's architecture in a 2D side-scrolling video game

Hi there,

We're a small international team developing RAWconcrete, an upcoming (in it's infancy) side scroller about a little boy traveling through space and time. The visual style of the game we call pixelated photorealism, and it's something that hasn't really been done before, at least not to this level of detail we're attempting. No usage of photos themselves in the game, we're after completely hand-drawn visuals (there are placeholders here and there though, from photos).

The beginning of the game takes place in Eastern Europe, in Belgrade's (Serbia) fictional urban setting. We'll show you some work in progress by our very skilled level designer Leo and, well, if interested give us your thoughts on the work done so far, especially if you're familiar with the architecture you're about to see (not just architecture, props and vehicles as well).

If interested to see more, visit
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