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These 1951 Daily News photographs are captioned: "Tenement House, 713 Casanova, Los Angeles"

UCLA Special Collections

UCLA Special Collections

Note the multi-ethnic quality of the residents; poverty didn't discriminate, in this case at least. Is that a water heater on the porch? The fire marshal probably was not much in evidence in that neighborhood.

I doubted that the house was still there today, but I looked anyway. There is a Casanova near Elysian Park and Dodger Stadium, but there is no 700 block. I guessed that it might have been renamed "Academy Road" based on the street alignments, and that turned out to be the case. Here is a Sanborn map (1950):


The house surprisingly is still there:

And is now worth well north of $600K!

So the tenement achieved its 1951 decrepitude in only 25 years; and 66 years later, gentrification.
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