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I agree, great photos sopas_ej. I never ventured out to Pomona
so it was nice to see the photographs.

In your 1st photo of the Farmers Market I was confused at first.
I could see Gilmore Field in the distance, and yet I wondered what the
other building was with Gilmore painted on it.

So I googled it...
and found out there was both a Gilmore Field AND a Gilmore Stadium.

Missing photo. sorry


Missing photo. sorry

I believe the 3rd large building in the distance is the Pan Pacific Auditorium.

In the past when I saw glimpses of the stadium, I thought it was Fairfax High School's football/track field.
Forgive my ignorance, (it's been awhile since I lived in L.A.)......but isn't Fairfax High School also in this area?


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