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The Take a Hike IKE Special Pt. 1... Ft. Worth

When it comes to hurricanes, I'm a firm believer in the flight-only aspect of fight or flight syndrome, so when the mayor of Houston told the citizens to "shelter in place" instead of evacuate, I took myself out off of the coast as fast as I possibly could. 6 hours later (yes that's right... learn the backroads people!!) I found myself in the Metroplex. Here are the fruits of my trip... well, minus the ridiculously high gas costs...

of course all of the metroplex is not the glamour of its major cities

Now that that's out of the way, the good stuff...

Love the detail work

Comprehensive transit?? Wait, I thought Ft. Worth was a suburb!!

You gotta admit... for a parking garage, it's pretty stylish.

The amazing Tarrant County Courthouse

And what better way to compliment it than with...

A cardboard cutout???????????????

Well, they haven't completely abandoned surface parking, but the progress is good.

And to conclude, the beautiful Bass Hall

Thanks for viewing
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