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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
Unprecedented anywhere in New York City, such density “far exceeds what can be considered good planning for the future of the city or the local community,” the committee said. “An environment dominated by monumental and intimidating buildings,” such as Durst’s 80-story home for Conde Nast or Brookfield’s proposed 100-story tower on Eighth Avenue, is seen by HYCAC as incompatible with a livable city. [/size]
I'm sorry, but am I missing something? When talking about Manhattan, a person would have to be mentally retarted to make such a statement. I mean that statement alone "incompatible with a liveable city" leaves me with a blank stare. Are these people seeing the same Manhattan that everyone else is? Have their eyes been altered to picture the World as a grassy plain? Such an idiotic and moronic statement that is.

If they consider these proposals "incompatible", then the Jersey suburbs are right across the river and 10 minutes down the Jersey Turnpike. Honestly, I'll even pay their transit fares to relocate themselves to East Brunswick or any other suburb. If that is what it takes, then it's the best money I will ever spend.
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