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^ Well, amart keeps their related thread up to date on pss-archi. The site is indeed right within the historic district. Although it's significant given that location, it just seems to be some part of the ongoing refurbishment of the historic downtown to me.

Besides, the work right there has definitely been complex. It has consisted in demolishing what I assume to be a couple of mid-20th century buildings (namely a former printing house and a large C&A store) and a few ordinary townhouses around to replace them by new buildings that necessarily fit with the surroundings, probably due to something like UNESCO's strict requirements, huh. It also involves some façadisme (that means preserving only historic façades while actually demolishing entire buildings behind them) to the Sainte-Catherine street.

Below are some of the more or less recent shots of the site from amart, to set the atmosphere.

A new building undergoing finishes in last January.

Like this thing, everything will be cladded in limestone to remain in tone with the surroundings.

More of the same under construction in March.

On the right, a little bit of the façade of a new building in the middle of some 18th century local limestone.

More U/C.

Still in March, demolishing the old C&A store (most of the former print house was gone to make way to what's U/C above yet).

Refurbishing some historic stuff around.

Construction keeps going...

Showing some new paving stone in the surrounding streets.

This old school pavement was there yet.

Lol everything up to the ground is taken seriously in there.

More refurbishment on the right.

Latest pictures dated May 1. Still a mess of demo, some construction and renovation here and there...

Mah of course, unlike amart who's a local, I don't have the accurate configuration of the area on my mind right now, as Bordeaux's downtown is a maze of streets and alleys.

Nothing in Sainte-Catherine will be as affordable as what's been previously showed in this thread anyway. It's upscale and meant for the better off because of the location. And that is actually tiny compared to masterplans to redevelop brownfields outside the historic core. After having slept for way too long, Bordeaux's been ranked one of the fastest growing cities in the country for the last couple of years, if I remember well they reported. And if nimbys and the forever slower national economy don't cause too much harm, we might get some highrises from Euratlantique. That's locally by far the main plan for larger developments.
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