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Amart's latest update of Bassins à Flots. Looks like he's right about this thing below, it looks like a good idea.

It would originally be some sort of random little warehouse. I can't tell when it's been put there. The lower original facade looks so random that I couldn't say whether it's from the 1930s or 60s. Anyway, they restored it, then added a couple of brand new floors above, which one can easily see. The result is pretty unusual, should give a bit of a peculiar character to that streetwall.

This is another warehouse of the area that they restored, adding a contemporary extension to it, but that one looks much less random, definitely from the 19th century.

There's likely a restaurant among other things in there. I can't remember what they said about it. But they did a good job to the sidewalk as well.

No cheap tar out there, eh?

Below's a student residence. Sober local stone facade to a side of it, seemingly to fit with some older things around, then other parts of the facade gets funky or something.

The rest is yet a complete mess of construction lost in the middle of cranes.
A last thing though, Amart says he doesn't like this cladding.

mm, looks like some corrugated sheet metal painted in shades of blue. Whatever, it should end up drowned within the surrounding density anyway.
Kinda like this, lol.

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