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Originally Posted by LMich View Post
No, I think we do know for sure the most successful way to live in a city. And, even if we didn't we for sure by now know the least successful way to live in a city/urban area. This isn't about trying to replicate Pre-WWII density levels. What this is about is how not to replicate a metropolitan Atlanta, the least dense major (top 20) urban area, and least dense major metropolitan area in the United States. The problem is regardless of how fast Atlanta City is filling back in, the damage it's done is already done, and it's going to be very hard to reverse. Again, there are many reasons to love Atlanta, it's sprawl is not one of them. Every city has it's sprawl, but even you can't deny that no-one has done sprawl like Atlanta which is easily the most thinly spreaded major metropolitan area in the United States and probably North America.
I never said that sprawl was anything to love about any metro. I agree with the notion that sprawl is not a good thing. I just disagree with you when you say that it cannot be fixed or corrected over time.
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