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Originally Posted by jtown,man View Post
Hey everyone, so I am doing a small project for a class where we are having a debate that involves talking about destroying highways in cities(like Chicago). I have been put in the group that is arguing against this. I thought of a few ideas:

We cap the interstate or we do a partial cap where you like extend the bridge(couple of examples in Atlanta).

With the interstate now out of sight, we make HOT lanes or some other way to get revenue from people using the road. With that money, we put at least a portion into the transit system.

So basically my group wants(has) to keep the interstate but we also want to make the city more livable and promote transit. Are there some more innovative ideas you guys have? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
I would say skip the HOT lanes and toll all of the highways and introduce congestion pricing for city centers then use that money to cap highways and invest in transit.
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