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Originally Posted by XIII View Post
Remember how FoPL advocated for replacing 31st street park space with parking lots right after they killed the Lucas Museum? They successfully prevented 12 new acres of privately funded parkland to save 1,500 lakefront parking spaces.

FoPL takes a lot of money from people to protect their lakefront views. Lets not kid ourselves that they actually have any sort of community interest in mind. They've had no issue with the Hamilton building, Cavalia, or new parking lots. But La Spata and Irizzary were more than happy to blow up a new museum that when it stood a little too tall.
Exactly; and it's safe to say that, if the Obama Presidential Library is defeated, it might actually be more harmful to Jackson Park in the long run, since no doubt another big project -lead by someone who cares less about the park- will get a lot of support from Chicagoans from the North and West Side who will feel alienated by South Siders; and City government.
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