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Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
I really like this project. How do you know all of this, btw?
My information comes from reliable sources. The same source that told me about the Held project getting a height increase told me about the delay for 650S Main. They are more tuned in to the hospitality segment but they have provided details about other projects that turned out to correct.

They had mentioned before and I think we talked about it here that Patrinely was looking for certain qualities in their contractor and workers. This is why any of the suburban teams wouldn't work for them on the project. To get a team that met their qualifications the costs were running higher than projected. As for how much higher I am not sure but I do know it was significant enough to make it easier to delay the project than pay for the increased costs.

I should note that it isn't just wages, it also includes the equipment for the construction.

Construction costs across the Wasatch Front increased for all projects when the Airport work started. The increases varied based on the type of work that was needed.
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