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Originally Posted by XIII View Post
Remember how FoPL advocated for replacing 31st street park space with parking lots right after they killed the Lucas Museum? They successfully prevented 12 new acres of privately funded parkland to save 1,500 lakefront parking spaces.

FoPL takes a lot of money from people to protect their lakefront views. Lets not kid ourselves that they actually have any sort of community interest in mind. They've had no issue with the Hamilton building, Cavalia, or new parking lots. But La Spata and Irizzary were more than happy to blow up a new museum that when it stood a little too tall.
So are you putting forth the conspiracy that FOP is really a parking lot/auto advocacy group parading as a lakefront protection/green space group?

Well, I'm not going to go down the tin-foil hat wormhole that promises to be. Granted, I think they were impractical regarding the Lucas and as the article states, " letting the perfect be the enemy of the good". Also as the article states the park district should really release a study on the necessity of future parking requirements there.

As to the merits of the parking spot at 31st, if parking is deemed warranted for future requirements then by looking at the map in the article that having the parking between the no man's land that is west of LSD/east of the IC train tracks is probably the ideal place to put it. That area is set up so it will NEVER be developable or utilized park/community space.
So in that respect yea, it seems an ideal place to put the inevitable parking for the major public space that the harbor/beach at 31st. Much preferable to adding parking (or hopefully one day remove parking) east of LSD on what ideally would be lakefront/parkland.

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