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Originally Posted by delts145 View Post
So is that their proposal??? I can't keep up with all of these proposals. Hopefully having so many major proposals means that many more will actually materialize.

Here's yet another cool development for Central 9th that CW Urban broke ground on yesterday. I especially like that they're going to restore and repurpose the Old Taffy Building as part of the project. Cool design integration!

CW URBAN CONVERTS TAFFY TOWN BUILDING INTO URBAN HOUSING - Press Release, Utah Business - August 23,2019 -

Salt Lake City— CW Urban, an innovative Utah real estate development group, broke ground on its newest project, The Charli, on August 22 at the construction site located at 55 West 800 South in Salt Lake City.

The Charli is a redevelopment project in the Central 9th neighborhood and will involve the adaptive re-use of the old “Taffy Town” iconic 40’s art deco building, which will be turned into 26 condos. The project will also consist of a 6-story, 64-unit condo building that will replace the existing on-grade parking lot. The two buildings will be combined into one creative whole through an innovative design that includes a shared lobby, common room, and an outdoor rooftop garden above the parking podium.

In order to save the existing Taffy Town warehouse, all parking will be contained in a one-story podium that includes mechanically stacked parking to minimize the land space required for parking, whereas conventional parking would require a 2-3 story structure. The base of the new six-story building will be unfinished concrete to complement the board-formed concrete of the existing warehouse, to showcase the distinct difference in age of the two buildings without the clashing of two different materials.

“The inspiration for this project came from the existing Taffy Town building as well as the industrial history of the central 9th neighborhood,” said Darlene Carter, Division President of CW Urban. “The main focus of the design has been to highlight the raw beauty of the exiting warehouse with its textural façade and rough nature while constructing modern and efficient condos to meet the current housing needs.”

Project partners include Rimrock Construction, CW Design, Method Studio Architects, Spectrum Engineering, PEPG Civil Engineers, and Ensign Structural Engineers. The project is expected to be completed in 15 months and unit sales will begin in spring of 2020.

Taffy Town, formerly known as Glade Candy Co. was founded by James Vernon Glade in 1916 and operated from 55 West 800 South in Salt Lake City. In 1995, David Glade, grandson of the founder, changed the name of the company to “Taffy Town, Inc.” to reflect its total dedication to taffy excellence. In 2016, the company sold the Taffy Town building and relocated to West Jordan. The company is still family-owned and operated by great-grandsons, Jason and Derek Glade.
LOVE this conversion. Glad to see some re-use and modification happening finally. CW is making its mark for sure and doing fine work all over the city. Reading some of the notes about demo of historic structures so here goes: Taffy Town (I own many of their OG shirts) was a reinforced concrete monster with plenty of seismic ability. Many others are not blessed with those bones, including the UTA warehouse. At some point, it just does not make financial sense to do the deed. If you have to build a sub structure that wears the old building's facade as a skin suit to fit your future use, it's time to rebuild. Unfortunate, but reality.

PS, wondering where the old Taffy Town sign went? That's a crazy piece of SL signage nostalgia.
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