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Originally Posted by blacktrojan3921 View Post
I think it's safe to say that the Obama Center will be built in Jackson Park. After the complete disaster that was the Lucas Museum and the disingenous efforts of environmental groups like Friends of the Park, it's probable that many Chicagoans will support this project no matter what.
As fun as it is to portray those who don't go along with our sentiments as evil villains, I don't think there was much insincere at all about the FOP arguments. In fact, I think they were very earnest but just many advocacy and institutions, in general, they find no vice in their principles, interest, or greed. They simply abandoned a good deal of realism and practicality in their pursuit. But thank goodness for them because when they are on the right side of history they are exactly the type of groups we want going to bat for the public. Those who completely let the vanity and stubbornness of Lucas off the hook in that equation I will never understand.

The mantra of simply, "well the mob wants it", or the Pols and the connected in this city want it so they should run roughshod over the process is a mindset that will eventually come to bit us all in the arse. A situation that appears to very possibly be replaying itself in this situation here and that should with questions of opaque insider dealing and serious design and financial questions regarding the project.
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