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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
I think we can find a pretty good example of what you're talking about right here in Pittsburgh... Walnut Street in Shadyside.

It's very likely the least architecturally pleasing commercial district in Pittsburgh (with much of it being comprised of post war ugliness and/or remuddled-beyond-recognition victorian era structures), but still it is also among the most popular shopping/dining/drinking/strolling areas and sought after real estate due to its location/satisfying pedestrian experience.

For non-Pittsburgh folks, this is the location he's talking about. The Google Car came by at a quiet time - the streets aren't usually that dead.

Compared to other - more architecturally nice - business districts in Pittsburgh it basically has two things going for it:

1. Four blocks of entirely unbroken street walls, aside from some cross streets and alleyways, all of which are in active use commercially.

2. More importantly - and uniquely - it's on a very narrow street for a commercial district. Curb-to-curb it's only about 30 feet wide. The other major commercial streets in Pittsburgh in contrast are between 37 and 50 feet wide, including parking lanes. It's much easier to get the whole comfy-cozy "outdoor room" vibe going - even with short buildings - if you're working off of a narrow street.
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