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From the Tribune:
Building the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park will have an “adverse effect” on the park and on the adjacent Midway Plaisance, a new report by city officials for state and federal agencies has revealed.

But while the massive project would alter portions of the property that justified listing it on the National Register of Historic Places, the newly released report is just one step in the federal review process.
* * *
Building the Obama center at the park “will have an adverse effect to Jackson Park Historic Landscape District and Midway Plaisance because it will alter, directly or indirectly, characteristics of the historic property that qualify it for inclusion in the National Register,” the report stated. “Primary physical changes that are concentrated in the western perimeter of Jackson Park and the eastern Midway Plaisance impact adjacent park areas including the Lagoons, Fields, and Lake Shore. The changes alter the legibility of the design of the cultural landscape in ways that diminish the overall integrity of spatial organization in the property as a whole.”
* * *
Margaret Schmid of Jackson Park Watch said the report understates just how dramatic the traffic patterns would change because of the closure of Cornell Drive and other roads. She pointed out that the recreational changes written about in the report haven’t been approved by the National Park Service.
Link to Assessment of Effects to Historic Properties report
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