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I think this building is cool and will be amazing. The video as posted by Roadcruiser from the Corporate Comcast site shows how forward thinking and futuristic this building is. It will be transformational as far as work space is utilized. It is bringing the exploding University City research and development scene right into the heart of Center City. It is creating a synergy between the two. Philadelphia is emerging as a think tank for the future. Right in front of your eyes you can see the city's transition from old world, not to the present, but to the future. This continues Philadelphia's amazing re-birth. Again, we are further fortifying the core, which continues to grow, gentrify and expand the rings.

A parking lot is going to be replaced with a 1,121 foot supertall that houses 1,500 software designers, engineers, and product developers. That is good stuff.

Image Credit: Comcast Corporation

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I posted this on the building's thread, but........

Video Link
Video Credit: Comcast Corporation

As much as I like the building, I would like a supertall to be super tall. I like Late1's concept below and would take that, but to be more practical, I think it would just be easier to add to the existing design. If they proportionately add 9 floors - or 3 more "sky gardens" - to the vertical campus (9 floors x 15 feet = 135 feet) plus 3 floors to the hotel section (3 floors x 12 feet = 26 feet) and add 20 feet to the spire that would be an additional 191 feet bringing the building from 1,121 feet to 1,312 feet. I am certain as bright as Comcast's future world domination is, they will grow into the extra square footage. They may actually regret not doing this suggestion anticipating future growth.

One thing I really hope is not true is that the height was determined based on ego, where Brian Roberts said the roof height must be equivalent to the Comcast Center so that no one could "look down" upon him in his perch atop the Comcast Center. That is nothing more than pure speculation and I am certain economics played into the height.

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In my case, I think you're right. My first reaction 24 hrs ago was that the building itself was rather grand - and while connecting wondrously with the city, it didn't really serve the skyline itself very well (at least from the vantage points provided by the press release - as someone else has mentioned here on SSP, the appearance of the CITC into the skyline from other vantage points, such as South Street Bridge and Sports Complex, should be spectacular.)

If you're right - that this tower is meant as a catalyst for another building to take the reign of Philadelphia's tallest - then this tower checks ALL the right boxes. If, however, this is the tallest tower we see in Philly for quite some time, then - while I still overall love this building and am happy to see it going up - part of me can't help but wish they would have added another setback at the top to take the roof to nearly 1,100 feet - with the blade extending even higher. Something along the lines of this:

By the way, anyone else notice that the existing setback sort of mimics the way Comcast Center appears almost like a setback to Bell Atlantic Tower from the Art Museum view?

That all being said, I am very excited Philadelphia is getting a SUPERTALL!!!
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