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The US needs to build supertalls if there is a need for them, plain and simple, and in cities like New York, there is only one way to go..up! Yeah it's easier to build supertalls in China or Dubai because the government decides what will be built and then it gets built because they have an authoritarian system. Beating the height of our skyscrapers is just icing on the cake for them. But it's not all roses for China...their system the most unequal between the haves and have nots ever. And their population is aging. New York is such a vibrant hub, and melting pot and has such rich history with skyscrapers that I'm sure supertalls wouldn't have trouble finding tenants or paying for themselves, by virtue of tourism..Look how many used to visit windows on the world at the old wtc...and how many will visit the new wtc and it's observation deck....1WTC will be a huge tourist attraction when it's finished...All I'm saying is when the opportunity presents itself to build a supertall here, and it's planned height happens to be over 1400 feet, then we should go for it!! I seriously doubt any future supertall in New York would have trouble bringing major money in, provided it was iconic and vibrant enough.
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