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Originally Posted by Roadcruiser1 View Post
We can't even get Two and Three World Trade Center leased, and Four World Trade Center is filled with government tenants because they can't find any private tenants and you are already saying that we should build a 2,000 footer? That is outrageous, and not just that a majority of the Hudson Yard towers still don't have tenants. New York can't build buildings that would be empty. We did it with the Empire State Building, and we did it with the original World Trade Center. It was mistake and NYC will not do that again...
Did I say they had to be office buildings?

Do you think 432 Park Avenue will be empty? I very highly doubt it. 432 Park Avenue is taller than the WTC both past and present by roof height.

In any case, the economy is awful but it will improve and the WTC will eventually be leased. And four towers weren't necessary. If we consolidated all the uncessary towers on the WTC compex and built one 2,000 ft tower, it would obviously be fully leased. If we built two 2,000 ft twins it would be over half leased. The rest of the land could have been used for parkland or sold off to private developers. Also, the Hudson Yards or Manhattan West could discard its twin tower concepts and create one 2,000 ft + tower if the developers wanted to do so. So yes, 2,000ft buildings can be completely feasable.

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