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Originally Posted by 599GTO View Post
Oh fuck yes we do want a 2,000 ft tower. Isn't 1 WTC 1,776 ft? Are you saying it will be empty? Weren't the original twins well occupied? 2,000 ft and 1,776 feet is not much of a difference.

The difference between Dubai, and the Chinese cities is that they're all economic wastelands and New York is the financial, wealth and commerce capital of the world. I can guanrentee that a 2,000 ft tower in Manhattan wouldn't sit empty.
We can't even get Two and Three World Trade Center leased, and Four World Trade Center is filled with government tenants because they can't find any private tenants and you are already saying that we should build a 2,000 footer? That is outrageous, and not just that a majority of the Hudson Yard towers still don't have tenants. New York can't build buildings that would be empty. We did it with the Empire State Building, and we did it with the original World Trade Center. It was mistake and NYC will not do that again...
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