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Originally Posted by Roadcruiser1 View Post
It was built to have 110 floors not 130. At best it can reach 1,700 feet, and 2,000 feet is impossible. Again we don't want 2,000 feet skyscrapers. It is only going to be empty like the skyscrapers in China and Dubai. We don't want empty skyscrapers. We want ours to be full. So no this won't happen. Besides America doesn't care about skyscrapers anymore. Most Americans want more mass transit. We don't want a good view we want more ways to move around. If you guys like it so much you can move to China, you can move to Dubai. Just stop complaining.

Yeah I wouldnt want empty skyscrapers either...But I think Americans should care about infrastructure and competing globally with the Chinese and Arabs again...And with transit and skyscrapers both. LOL and Id def never go live in China no thanks!
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