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It was built to have 110 floors not 130. At best it can reach 1,700 feet, and 2,000 feet is impossible. Again we don't want 2,000 feet skyscrapers. It is only going to be empty like the skyscrapers in China and Dubai. We don't want empty skyscrapers. We want ours to be full. So no this won't happen. Besides America doesn't care about skyscrapers anymore. Most Americans want more mass transit. We don't want a good view we want more ways to move around. If you guys like it so much you can move to China, you can move to Dubai. Just stop complaining.
China and Dubai can have both (good transit and fantastic scrapers), we could too. They are not mutually exclusive even here. Transit is usually government funded and real estate is private. If the need arises for taller towers in Manhattan in the future, I'm sure wanting will have nothing to do with it. If the economy starts growing and manhattan is still a hot location for business in the future, they will have no choice but to maximize the small land area and go up.

Most Americans don't want mass transit. That is why they elected a congress full of transit hating fools. The new transportation bill shows you what most americans think of transit, they prefer cars and oil rigs. Also is Mitt is elected, say goodbye to HSR and transit funding. Say hello to off-shore drilling and highway expansion.
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