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Originally Posted by fflint View Post
I don't think these are depressing at all.

Consider: areas delineated in red are large downtown parcels that can be inexpensively redeveloped (no tear-down costs) without requiring new infastructure from scratch, are within walking/biking distance of goods and services, and upon completion the new residents/workers/shoppers etc. won't likely tax existing transit systems too much.
Rather than depressing, I'd say it's more frustrating. Just like the thread about big box stores, you see all of these worlds of potential in a downtown like Houston, and then can't figure out why people aren't clamoring to invest in it. We should be having places like City Target here... it would be FAR cheaper to build on an empty downtown surface lot than the money that companies are spending to build these stores in other American cities. Yet no one wants to even dip their toe in the pool.
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