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Originally Posted by Empire View Post
There is something wrong with this rendering. The initial plan was to demolish the Irving building that now houses O'Carroll's and add a 9 storey glass box. This plan is a mess, it is not a real rendering but merely a bad cut and paste. Given the site, it would be a shame to go to so much trouble and not build higher. The site should be considered for a Founders Square type development only higher. This site could easily accommodate a 20 storey building and should as it is right in the middle of the finincial district.
The plan was never to demolish the irving (imperial) building. That is a heritage property. The plan is to demolish the violet clarke building, the small green wooden building that isn;t a heritage property.

I don't see anything wrong with it, its a nice fit. Got to remember the building is in the view plan, max height is 9 storey.
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