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Originally Posted by alex1 View Post
yeah. maybe.

we'll have to wait and see how the building progresses architecturally (or retain a better rendering) but the form isn't exactly superb nor are the lines crisp. Strangely enough, the lack of aesthetic pleasantries are what interest me somewhat in this structure.

anyone else finding out that what "should" be the building's defining characteristic (the hole) is fighting with the part of the tower that juts out underneath it?

it's a tough building to understand but it's somewhat neat in a "brutalist" sort of way.
did someone say "brutalist"? all of UIC is brutalist, and while I hated it at first, I have really gotten used to it, even to the point of liking it. Henceforth, I really kind of like this current design. and why move the gap downward? it'll just make it look more like momo. I prefer unique