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Im glad to see that i am not alone, and to see so many Oaklanders and otherwise contributing enthusiasm and participation. As much as many of us have all followed the existing threads related to the Bay Area, it is wonderful to feel that there are others that will contribute to a specific thread that is long overdue.

to JWS's comment, i would have loved to put the specs together, and will try to eventually. In building the archive, and as many revisions to projects that are closer to reality, it has been a bit all over the place to track all that info. but as in a discussion with a friend, stating the office to residential space has been vague without having clear numbers, it clearly needs to happen. I will work on this, but would love contribution! West Oakland and East are also seeing a lot of mid rise residential development. Would be great if someone is more in touch with those neighborhoods to track that.

On that point, would like to see what happening North, and that of the Oakland/Berkeley/Emeryville border. So i encourage more posts and updates respectively. The Valdez corridor, and Jack London Sq are ones that i never really covered, and have the most activity in many senses without a crane as a punctuation point. Would love to have some photos of that as well.
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