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WOAH! Thanks for putting this together. I follow SF development really closely but not Oakland at all...heard it was booming but didn't realize how much so!

While I don't think we have a real Manhattan/Brooklyn thing going on because we're too much of our own entities, putting all this great modern housing near BART lines offers a lot of young people a real respite from either paying more for the same thing in SF, or an alternative to renting out an older place in SF with roommates. Oakland obviously has great transit, culture, and weather, and it seems like this will continue to add the density to support all the great things going on.

Frankly it's nice to see a city stepping up and adding jobs and housing instead of counting on SF to do it all, and doing it in a way that benefits Oakland tremendously as well, as virtually everybody else is fighting growth viciously and pointing the finger at SF.

I have a good view of Oakland's skyline from my place, can't wait to watch all of this go up!

EDITED: Might I make one suggestion? Info on the intended usage of each building (whether residential, commercial, hotel, or some combination) would be really helpful.
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