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Originally Posted by photolitherland View Post
How in the world could I have missed that? I didnt even know that area existed. Probably should have researched the city better before I went but oh well, I still saw tons of amazing stuff. STL is def more impressive than I ever thought it could be. I am so used to cities not having any urban neighborhoods growing up mostly in Houston and Dallas. I couldnt believe driving in from the south to STL how far out the urban fabric goes. I exited way before downtown where I wanted to start out because I started seeing old buildings and usually when I see old buildings the downtown is right there but not in STL.
I don't know how much of the southside you saw, or how far southwest on Gravois you drove, but there's a rather large slab of clean 1910s-20s urbanity down there and then back directly north on the southwest side of the city as well, not to mention the rather urban neighborhoods in the county. You did a good job for being in town for 24 hours though, especially considering you hit the northside.
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