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Don't expect any more attendance at SF vs where they were.

Hispanics and Millennial families are the base but once the kids grow up it is forgotten. Its not covered in sports radio or TV coverage.

The attendance was not much more than the minor league hockey of the Chicago Wolves that had half of the daily attendance but played many more games.

It will also likely be more expensive at SF vs Toyoda park.

Here is the attendance of the Fire.

Chicago is totally at the bottom only second to last.

Here is there attendance including the years at SF bolded.

Average attendance
Regular season/Play-offs
1998: 17,887/22,677
1999: 16,016/8,197
2000: 13,387/8,431
2001: 16,388/11,239
2002: 12,922/9,434
2003: 14,005/14,961
2004: 17,153/missed playoffs
2005: 17,238/11,493
2006: 14,088/10,217

2007: 16,490/17,834
2008: 17,034/17,312
2009: 14,689/21,626
2010: 15,814/missed playoffs
2011: 14,553/missed playoffs
2012: 16,407/10,923
2013: 15,228[92]/missed playoffs
2014: 16,076/missed playoffs
2015: 16,003/missed playoffs
2016: 15,602/missed playoffs
2017: 17,383/11,647

There is no growth there only a decline. If they shuttered the team no one would even know about it because it would not even make the daily news.

Its simply a dead sport in the USA.

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