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There's some pretty big development locally on the Atlantic coast, thank God. A cousin of mine had to move over there cause his wife is a local of Nantes and couldn't stand Paris. Crap, I'm barely astonished when I think about it...

The most striking is the redevelopment of a district they call Malakoff/Pré-Gauchet. It's large, includes a bunch of older residential towers from the late 60s/early 70s that were renovated before the whole new projects started up.

Some pictures to show.

These are from Nov 2014, the most recent on SSC from lebrig. There's a lot of things like this going on like you get lost if you're not a diligent local. I kinda sense a future place to be right there.

That one is from our very French-speaking forum. Lots of new programs scheduled around there that should draw a pretty cool skyline and a nice vibe right on the spot.

Nantes is one of our fastest growing indeed.
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