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Originally Posted by mhays View Post
If noise means you can't get to sleep, that's a serious health issue.

A big part of that is the regularity of the noise. I grew up next to the 401 freeway (busiest in North America, etc, etc), and was very much acclimated to the constant, round-the-clock roar of traffic.

I now live on a busier street downtown with general constant noise, but the only real problem are the garbage trucks that roll through a couple times a few nights a week (it's fine if my window is closed though).

Aside from those 3AM garbage pickups though, I'm otherwise quite fond of the perpetual "urban symphony" happening outside my window though. The muffled din of conversation, laughter, and music from the patio next door; the rumble of passing streetcars; the occasional siren; my upstairs neighbours' dog running around - love it all.
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