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Definitely NJ Turnpike if we are talking the region. I do believe though that the GWB does see the highest traffic count (if we are talking just core city) along with the Bronx Expressway, even more than the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel, unless I'm mistaken. Its the one major truck route up there with the Verrazano. Part of the reason why its so congested, all of those trucks and feeder lanes into the expressway. There are yield signs, but unfortunately New Yorkers don't understand how to navigate zipper merges or do not believe in being nice when people put their blinkers on (they will speed up even though you have room to merge), so thats part of the problem as well.

NY drivers are some of the most aggressive and mean drivers I've seen. Just complete a-holes. DC drivers are much nicer. Maryland drivers from what I've seen always do 10 below, very slow. NJ drivers, very fast, and will tailgate you. Mad respect for those that haul in the left, and tailgate minivans that tend to hog the left lane. Big difference. NJ drivers haul, NY drivers just are dicks. But at the same time, you have to be an a-hole to survive on those roads. The weak will get killed on those roads, because people WILL NOT give you a chance to merge. They just will not, and if spot someone who does, its a unicorn.
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