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In NYC its easily the Cross-Bronx Expressway. From the GWB via NJ all the way to the Whitestone Bridge, its just asinine. Mind numbing that is so bad that you'll forget what your name is or your identity.

And due to the layout, one accident, just one accident... will result in 2+ hour delays to cross less than 5 miles.

Typically its always jammed Westbound but at times, just gridlock.

I took that route the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, not too long ago, and I had to piss into a Monster Energy Drink can. I couldn't hold it, thats how bad it is. Used a pen to carve a hole into the can than chucked it outside, but got it on my fingers and jeans. What a crap day that was.

So what have we learned today. If you ever, during rush hour or prior to a holiday take the expressway, avoid caffeine or anything that gives you the runs.

Honorable mentions to the BQE, which is a crap highway but packed, and the Belt Parkway which is always jammed.
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