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Originally Posted by Chicagoguy View Post
Hmm...this news has me thinking that proposals for a new NFL stadium for the Chicago Bears might start to appear in the next year or two.

Soldier Field is one of the smallest stadiums in the entire league, and the city (and the Bears) have long sought a solution for that situation with the hopes of hosting a Super Bowl. This deal could present the city with a long-term plan for Soldier Field, while opening the door for a new NFL stadium (possible on the Michael Reese campus or the 78).
Doubtful. The same ownership thought that having a 61k capacity was a good idea. If they have prioritized a dome the city/state was ready to give them one for a few decades. As far as I've always understood it the Bears are the ones who always wanted an outdoor stadium despite the revenue of hosting one or two Super Bowls/Final Fours could bring in.
No reason to think that has radically departed from that thinking and even less reason than ever to see how the state/city would get behind the funding of a new stadium just 15 years after the new one opened.

If somehow a new retractable/dome stadium could be incroperted into a McMormick expansion then maybe you could get some funding throw in. However, a new dome stadium or just an empty Soldier Field would be too large for the permanent home of the Fire. One could take the down the west upper grandstand of Soldier Field and be left with a 40k stadium but that would cost money though it would have the benefit of dismantling the UFO apperance of the current stadium.
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