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They need to stop beating around the bushes (especially with silly artwork) and build Norman Foster's Plan and get over it. Its like a bunch preschoolers fist-fighting on the basketball court. It's really got to stop. The only way to attract interest is to issue incentives to potential tenants, especially lead-tenants, which also include and not limited to green energy initiatives (tax-deductible) and lower rent per square foot cost. No one is ever going to pay an erroneous amount amidst knowing the site's previous history.

After that, the Port Authority needs to act on the former site of the Deutsche Bank Building as well.

It should still rightfully be called the World Trade Center. Its not just for monetary trade, but a trade of fresh ideas and a new beginning.

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I'm thrilled WTC 3 is done, but boy that's some unfortunate "street art." Do I really have to say what the orange and yellow "tadpoles" remind me of?
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