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Amazon Leaning Towards Urban Site That Can Handle Growth For HQ2

Amazon’s view on an ideal site for HQ2 appears to now be crystallizing, the WSJ reported yesterday.

According to several people familiar with the search, the company is leaning towards:

An urban site, in an area capable of handling the company’s growth. This is a shift from the initial top 20 selection, which also included suburban sites.
In addition to existing tech talent, the city should be appealing in order to draw talent both nationally and internationally.

The reported shift could be beneficial to Miami, which is offering an urban campus surrounded by transit, dense development, and properties with intense zoning rights.

Site visits have already been taking place, but last less than 48 hours.

Some unnamed cities have been giving Amazon executives bike and boat tours, while also taking them to visit trendy neighborhoods that could be attractive to younger employees.

One person involved in a site visit said the company believes there is no American city that can provide all of their needs, and they will need to compromise no matter which city is chosen.
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