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Originally Posted by alps View Post
I'm a bit too young to be able to contribute to this thread much, but I love reading through it.

I'm curious about the Dartmouth IKEA. When did it open? When did it close? What building was it located in, exactly? (My parents said it was on Akerley Blvd).

Edit: I was searching for info in old editions of the 4th Estate newspaper available online at NSARM and found this interesting map from 1976. Interesting because I had always simply assumed the earliest Burnside developments would have been closer to the Circ.

I remember shopping at Ikea in Burnside in 1986; it wasn't there long before that and was probably gone by 1988. I was in Halifax then, and we had to take a bus accross the bridge, and then a bus to Shannon Park, and then walk in ti Burnside. Ikea was near the mooshead brewery (Is now brewdebakers?) location.
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