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Originally Posted by The Chicago Suntimes

The bridge stands upright above the Chicago River just south of Kinzie Street west of the Merchandise Mart, like a salute to dirty water. It's been in the "up" position for years now.

You're not alone if you wonder: When will somebody finally tear the thing down?

But it turns out City Hall is quite proud of the old rail bridge, which is part of something unique to Chicago -- the largest collection of movable bridges in the world. To make sure it could still legally be used if ever it's needed again, the Union Pacific Rail Road cranks it into the "down" position every couple of years and rolls a couple of boxcars over it to maintain its "active" status.

The bridge may yet see new life one day as part of a route for buses or a light rail line.

For now, it remains an important part of Chicago's skyline -- and even had a cameo in John Cusack's 2000 movie "High Fidelity."

Glad to see it wont be going anywhere. It really does add a nice enduring touch of industry in an area rapidly changing to more commercial and residential uses.
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