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Originally Posted by HomeInMyShoes View Post
Who's going to use it? Shipping companies? Wouldn't a boat be more effective than slogging materials thousands of kilometers by road?

and...Permanent Global Peace?
It will create peace as it would require two countries that were once allies (but became fierce rivals in a competition to create destructive killing machines), to come to terms and agreement. It would also create global peace, as almost every country in the world will be involved in this project, in its costs and in its construction, and every country will benefit from this project economically, socially, politically, environmentally.

This road gives the world the greatest chance at a near zero percent poverty rate, globally.

(although there will always be factories, industry and pollution in an industrialized world) This road gives the world the greatest chance at a near zero percent pollution percentage, globally (by eliminating the cause of 50% of all pollution - fuel powered planes (and cars, which will all be electric within 10 years)). This road (bridge or tunnel) will take less than 10 years to build and as little as 5 years if a larger workforce is hired.

China is the largest exporter of goods on earth. Currently it takes a cargo ship 30+ days to haul exported goods from China to America via the Pacific Ocean. This project would help world trade tremendously. It would only take 21 hours for a high speed train to haul exported goods from America to China, if this road is constructed.

30 days via ship VS 21 hours (about 1 day) via the Bering Route

According to the World Bank, more than 500 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty in China.

If China was simply able to do this by selling and trading goods with the Western World through sea (which takes months) and air (1-3 days), and put its people to work making products for the rest of the world, then how many people in 195 countries can be lifted out of poverty if the selling/trading time is decreased to 20 hours via high speed rail. Oil tankers transporting oil via the Pacific also take months, while a pipe line will also be constructed in a separate tunnel in this project, allowing endless oil for the entire world and eliminating the need for cargo ships.

This road lifts the entire world up at once, lifts the economies of all the worlds countries at once, and unites the entire world.

This isn't just a road connecting two countries, this is a World Road, a new Silk Road for the 21st Century.
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