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Khurram Parvaz
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Cost of connecting Russia and USA (whether bridge, tunnel, artificial islands, artificial peninsulas, or a combination of all of them): No more than $20 Billion

Cost of Building 70 Million automobile every year

Cost of driving a Gas car from the southern tip of Argentina to the southern tip of South Africa (30,000 miles total)
Given the cost of gas to travel 1 mile is 15 CENTS

Cost of driving an EV from southern tip of Argentina to southern tip of South Africa (30,000 miles total):
Given the cost of electricity to travel 1 mile is 3.6 CENTS
(BUT with solar powered charging stations, traveling one end of the world to the other and back in an EV via road is basically free

A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year
Number of vehicles on the road: 1.2 billion cars
Carbon emissions emitted by gas cars per year
5520000000 metric tons
OR over 5.5 BILLION metric tons of carbon emissions emitted by all cars on earth, every year

Carbon emissions of EVs: zero

Number of planes in use today: over 40,000
Average cost to build a plane: $200 Million
Cost to build every plane in use today
OR over $8 TRILLION to build every plane in use

Cost to operate all planes per year?
Number of gallons used by planes yearly? 100 BILLION gallons of fuel
Cost of jet fuel per gallon? $5.21 per gallon
OR over $521 BILLION to run and operate every plane in use, every year.

Carbon emissions of all planes in the world?
3.15 grams per gram of fuel

Grams of fuel used by all planes yearly?
9.10971E+14 grams of fuel used yearly

Grams of carbon emitted by all planes yearly?
2.86956E+15 grams of carbon emitted yearly
OR 2869558650 metric tonns

OR over 2.87 BILLION or basically over 3 BILLION metric tonnes of carbon emissions emitted by all planes in the world every year.

Add it up:

2.87 BILLION metric tonne + 5.5 BILLION metric tonne = over 8.5 BILLION metric tonnes of pollution per year

And there isn't a mere $20 Billion for a peace making, pollution finishing road between USA and Russia?

Who is paying these obscene amounts to build polluting, gas guzzling planes (both commercial passenger planes and military planes)?

Military planes? The government
Passenger planes? Boeing or Airbus

Who pays the government and who pays the plane companies?

YOU PAY the government with your taxes and YOU pay the plane companies by riding their planes

Who spent over $4.5 TRILLION to build useless, pointless weapons that can kill every person on earth thousands of times over?
The governments of the world.

How did those governments gather such obscene amounts of money to fund useless weapons?
Your tax dollars

YOU can fix it by signing my petition
One man with courage is a majority - Thomas Jefferson
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