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Made a mistake with Image Upload, What Do I Do Now?

Hi, love this site and thought I'd give drawing a building I love a go that is in the database but without a picture. The building is Bunbury Tower, the tallest building in regional Western Australia at 70m tall. You can find the skyscraper page here:

Here is a photo of the building from on their Bunbury Travel Guide:

After careful analysis of the building, I draw a large version diagram of the building (removed image to protect copyright)

I then incorrectly made this small version with a green background and didn't fix the blur effect from resizing:

I then went ahead and submitted it to the database but it looks awful, I'm so embarrassed! I would much prefer they use this improved scale version I made that is also less blurry:

I've attempted to tell them this here by linking them to the correct file on sendspace:

Just wondering if this is enough, will they use the improved version rather than the green outlined blurry failure?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

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