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I am not a fan, at all, of the oulandish urbanism of Dubai for the rich, it is just not my kind of city. Looking at the renderings, I don't like a bit of all the urbanism surrounding this tower, made of sterile buildings atop parking podiums. Also, even if generally I like Calatrava works, from a aesthetic perspective, I also find that many times it is overdesigned.

All that said, I don't get all the hate this tower is having.

That it is to thin? it is an observation tower, it does not have to be thick.

A sun fried plaza? this thing is supposed to be a tourist attraction, that plaza should be full of people.

That looks to "fragile" and the critics to the cables? I actually think that those cables looks very good, they are a structural neccessity, but made architectural, the way he used the staying cables is what makes this tower unique and iconic. From a distance, they look pretty good and prety elegant. When you are inside the "sun fried plaza", bellow all those cables, looking up at that net above you with the sky, the thing must be breathtaking.

No interaction with the urban fabric? oh, come on! the urban fabric surrounding this tower is just awful, there is nothing to interact with, that urban fabric doesn't even have interaction with itself. The only thing worth to be seen there would be this tower.

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