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The 5th rendering in that rendering set that NYGuy posted: If they made the whole tower like that, in a way that kinda resembles a Dubai twist on the Ping Centre (Shenzhen), than we would have something interesting. There's no question that the Burj Dubai is an amazing feat of engineering and architecture, but this design just seems odd. I'd almost IMO think that its to out there even for Dubai. A Kingdom style tower would make sense as a centerpiece, but this seems like a ego stick really. Doesn't look right even with the master plan renderings.

Originally Posted by mhays View Post
Sun-fried is right. Who'd want to stand in a plaza in 100F weather?
I would. But only if I had a Rolls Royce, was a project manager, and lived in Dubai. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be a worker who is building this though....

More power to them. OSHA would flip given some of the working conditions we've heard about in Dubai. American workers have the good life.
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