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Originally Posted by eastcoastal View Post
I can't imagine a situation where someone would save a building they didn't have to. By the time a demolition permit is granted, I would expect the owner's paid enough in consulting and other fees that a major change in direction would be a huge deal. Out of curiousity, what has the experience been like in Calgary in this regard? I'd love to know if a list of "Buildings of Interest" results in much saving of buildings... If so, it might be a good use of tax dollars to create such a thing.
If you follow development in other cities, you'll see loads of examples of developers restoring and incorporating non-registered just because that's what the market responds to.

Doyle Block is probably different because it's already been conceived and planned with demolition in mind, but developers don't always--or these, even typically--need to be forces into conservation. It's just good business. Not so much here though.
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