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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
But this is all speculation at this point. I do like, however, the fact that they're referencing Burj Khalifa in Dubai and International Finance Center in Hong Kong. It looks like they want something soaring and iconic.
This will be their one chance at building a signature tower from the ground up:

"I don't think that they have an intention to dive headlong into ground-up development. It's more of a one-off, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
They want a tower that will mark it's presence strongly on the skyline, something becoming harder to do. Since there is little we know about what exactly the tower will look like, we just have to go with their words on this one. It's also possible some residential or hotel space could be thrown on top. With the City's hand in this, everything is possible.

"I imagined how the lines and the curves of these designs will make a huge impact on the city skyline...." Mr. Piccinich said.
This is the third new office tower in the Park Ave/Grand Central district to keep an eye on.
NEW YORK heals.

“Office buildings are our factories – whether for tech, creative or traditional industries we must continue to grow our modern factories to create new jobs,” said United States Senator Chuck Schumer.