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I stopped by this afternoon. It does looks quite impressive. I even brought my camera with me to take some pictures of the renderings, but they assured me it was all online now. Not so much.
When I first saw it I did like it, but the more I looked at the renderings I'm not quite sure anymore. It's basically two separate buildings with a strange atrium in the middle. And both buildings have very different architectural styles. The new Y building, now where CBC is is kind of art deco, but it doesn't look like it goes far enough. It wants to be art deco but is not quite there. And the other one has nice materials by the looks of it. But the shape of the building doesn't work on the site. It seems like a big hodge podge of styles. I'm hoping things are still in the works to refine it and that this will not be the finished product.
I'm a bit sad. I normally really really like Michaels work, but this just doesn't do it for me.
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