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I checked it out and was pretty impressed (sorry no pictures). Basically it's two buildings on a shared podium, but it looks like there is a large glass atrium in the middle. The CBC building will be torn down but the design will rebuild it almost identical and that I believe will house the new YMCA. On top of those few floors there are about 9-10 floors (13ish total ground to roof) with the same floor plate shape as the CBC building, but set back in each dimension. This building is not stepped, the 9-10 floors would have the same floor plate through out and maintains the same color scheme. In plan view it is stepped so that the South Park side is narrower than the Dresden Row side.

The other building is a darker building with dark red balconies and from plan view has a curved shape to it. This is about 17 floors total ground to roof and will sit about 2 floors shorter than the Martello. It buts fairly close to the Paramount and has balconies all around. It's podium is an angular building with green cladding.

One rendering showed the entire block and it was quite an impressive cluster with the Martello and Paramount worked in. The architect was Micheal Napier. Both Dawn Sloane and Watts (I'm drawing a blank on her first name) were there. The plan is to get approval now then have an RFP for developers. They are open to apartment, condo, boutique hotel and some commercial use.
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