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Originally Posted by flamesrule View Post
At fist I thought you were quitting the city........

Anyway I'm looking foreword to the new improved pierpoint city!Can't wait
haha, not in a million years.

I have a feeling Pierpont will be sort of like Staunton as far as being constantly updated...reason being that my source of inspiration almost always comes from actually being in the location where I was first inspired to do the city. If you look at my old sketchup cities I posted here, most of them didn't last for very long. And here's the reason...

San Patria was inspired after I took a trip to Chicago, and I wanted to emulate a city of skyscrapers and canals, but on the California coastline. The inspiration wore off because I didn't visit Chicago to revive my inspiration.

Keystone was inspired by my many trips to Washington, D.C. and New York that I had been taking, but after I realized that I was stealing textures, I simply decided to halt production.

Port L'Allegro was inspired after walking through Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, which again, I couldn't revive the inspiration because I haven't made it back there.

Pierpont is different, because it's based off of Boise, and I constantly get the inspiration everyday to work when I run around downtown, since I live so close. And I think if the will to keep working on it hasn't worn off by now, it stands a good chance at not wearing off at all.
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